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The Aliens by Annie Baker

The Aliens by Annie Baker

Birdbath Theatres is pleased to announce our first production.  Staged in the backyard of the Olema Haus in Fairfax CA, Annie Baker’s The Aliens is a beautiful story of two young men hiding from life on the back patio of a café in Vermont.  When a lonely high-school student arrives on the scene, they decide to teach him everything they know.

Directed by Jesse Lumb

David Abrams
Jesse Lumb
and Rob Garcia

Saturdays and Sundays
April 22, 23, 29, 30 @2pm
May 6, 7 @2pm

122 Olema Rd.
Fairfax CA, 94930

Tickets available through Brownpaper Tickets

coming soon, an introduction

coming soon, an introduction

Birdbath Theatres is a new not-for-profit production house focusing on community connection through the theatre arts.  A place where we can, in the words of an ancient Taoist saying, “wash our minds at the gates of mystery.”

The company was founded by David Abrams, a local theatre teaching artist, with the belief that the performing arts have the ability to bring us together in the present moment.  It is in this presence he believes, that we, both the performers and the audience, have the opportunity to refresh ourselves.  The idea of Misogi, or the Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification was introduced to David through his Aikido and Flowing Dragon Swords practices.  It was a small bird bathing in the waters of the Fairfax Creek which cemented in him that theatre could be and essentially is a form of Misogi.

I saw this little bird, a sparrow I think, bathing in the creek.  I was with my friend Gen, and we just stood and watched.  One part of my brain was so present, so full of and with the bird as it dipped itself in and out of the water.  I watched it fluff itself again and again with this almost indulgent pleasure as it shook itself clean.  It was dramatic!  I was mesmerized, yet there was another part of my brain that was in total anxiety.  I remember thinking, “how does it know when it’s done?  What if something bad happens?”  At some point the pure presence this bird was offering, became more full and inviting than my internal dialogue.  With a sense of relief I surrendered to the moment and became audience.  The bird’s movements became my movements.  The bird bathing was me bathing, cleansing my mind from the by-product of living.  Here was the power of theatre, and it was affirmed to me by nature.

We are so pleased to be preparing to offer our first production coming in late April.  Stay tuned!

Upcoming classes will also be announced soon.

All the best in this coming year, from your friends at Birdbath Theatres!