A Sold-Out Success!

As the second ever production as a new theatre company, taking on triple the cast and triple the budget compared to our first show was a big risk — but the stars seemed to align from the very start.

Rómulo Torres, Spencer Acton, and David Abrams (the director and lead actors respectively) had been classmates years ago and by chance all three were back in the Bay Area looking to do a show at the same time. Once realized and initiated, the cast and crew (consisting of 18-38 year olds, with a wide range of experience) and location (the legendary and historical Belrose Theater) seemed to magically fall into place.

The play, Eugène Ionesco’s RHINOCEROS (1959) seemed like an odd play for the young company — but with its timely commentary on herd mentality and absurd politics (and the interesting fact that the popular play hadn’t been performed in Marin since the 1970s), it was actually the perfect play to do.

By the time the play opened, the cast and crew weren’t sure if they could fill the 70-seat dinner theater. They were proud of the art they had created, but didn’t know how well it would translate to the community and their friends and family. Fingers crossed, the doors opened, and the seats began filling. The word had gotten out, the message spread through social media, and all but 2 shows had a completely packed house! And the reviews were positive!

Reviews from critics:

The show wouldn’t have been what it was without the love and support of the friends, family, community, critics, cast, and crew. A beautiful journey for all, and many lessons learned along the way. Including — “I’m not capitulating!”

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